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Monarchs, Minions & Mayhem!

A Fantasy Themed Card Driven Strategy Board Game with simple to follow rules, that promotes, diplomacy, social interaction and strategy. The engaging gameplay is extremely fun to play, well-balanced with innovative and unique game mechanics that will provide endless hours of entertainment with family & friends. The replay-ability is virtually limitless, fast-paced, strategic and challenging. 


Thank you for taking the time to play the game, it is greatly appreciated. We truly hope this game earns a spot on your list of Go-to-Games for Family Game Night.

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Fast-Paced               Strategic               Challenging
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Tri-Infinity Games:
Monarchs, Minions & Mayhem!
Limited Edition

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Tri-Infinity Games: Monarchs, Minions & Mayhem!
Tri-Infinity Games Founded 2016
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